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At this website, you will find all balloons, which are, or have been registered in Dutch Civil Aircraft Register. Of nearly each balloon, active and inactive, you can even find one or more pictures.

At this moment, 415 balloons are registered.

For questions, comments or hints, just contact me at info@ballonregister.nl.

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Erik Jan Doornewaard

Due to privacy regulations, the Dutch Aircraft Register does no longer provide the holder name. For this reason, these details are no longer available.

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01-09 PH-INO
17-08 PH-MVA
15-08 PH-IGS
11-08 PH-JVS
04-08 PH-IVR

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20-09 PH-SPL
21-08 PH-WNG
18-08 PH-WJB
27-07 PH-DBV
27-07 PH-EEL

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new pictures

30-09 PH-BBV
30-09 PH-FVS
30-09 PH-ZLB
22-09 PH-OEV
07-09 PH-IGS

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Kubicek BB70Z
Year: 2017
C/N: 1396
Ultramagic M-105
Year: 2006
C/N: 105/142